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I just got the last page for Chance. This is going to look really fantastic. *laugh* Ardian's going to do inks, and neutronjockey, I need to talk to you about that colorist we talked about the other day. I'll...gosh, maybe I should email you. :) Anyway, one way or another I'm thinking a September-ish submission to Image, at this point. Maybe later, probably not earlier. Also, I must finish writing Chance 4-6. In my copious free time.

I've had to turn the comments off on kitsnaps, because I'm just getting so damned much spam. *sigh* Sorry. Also, for those of you who have the feed, I don't know what was up with it suddenly putting out five or eight posts yesterday, but sorry about that too.

1600 words so far today. Aiming for 3K, not 5, as 5 seemed overwhelming this morning. *chugga chugga chugga* Maybe if I hit 3k early enough today I'll work on Chance #4. Reward writing! (Weird me.) Hm. Maybe I should transfer the Chance files to Little, so I don't have to be at the Work Computer to work on those. That might make me feel less like I was spending my ENTIRE LIFE at that workstation. Chess. That would be good!
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