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31 March 2014 @ 08:34 pm
so close, so far  
Well, I was never gonna get 7500 words done today, and in the end I decided to make it a usual not-writing day because I have 3 writing days coming up and trying to kill myself getting it done today just seemed dumb. So much as I wanted it to be, the book is not done today. OTOH, this is because it's heading in for 20% over its projected length, not because I didn't write as much as I hoped to. 61K this month, and about 105K for the year, which makes me very happy. That's more than half of what I managed to write *total* last year.

Honestly, a big part of why I wanted to get the book done in March (besides the projects listed below) was that I came up with the idea about mid-February and I really kinda wanted to go from conception to completion in 6 weeks. Well, I guess it was 7 anyway, looking at the dates, so 8 will be close enough. :)

April's (ideal) projects: finish this book, write 2-4 short stories, add 3-5 chapters to MAGIC & MANNERS and...finish my nephew's book. Bahahahah. Right. That'll get slotted into May, then, eh? Yes, well. Perhaps I can also get that map done for that other project and get the ball rolling there, at least. (That other project was going to be May's project. Not so much, apparently.) And I can get enough revisions done to this project to send it to the agent, which would be really good, actually. It would make pushing the other project into the summer less dismaying. So.

Going to go watch something or read something and collapse into bed early because OMG tired.
Deborah Blakedeborahblakehps on March 31st, 2014 07:45 pm (UTC)
I think this calls for a drink! What's that? Oh, sure. One for you, too.
Carlton Max: baz goatc_maxx on April 1st, 2014 02:42 pm (UTC)
I think eight weeks is doing pretty well.

During eight years of night school, I found that giving myself a break (of whatever extent) always made it easier to get some work done later on. I was never good at that perpetual grindstone business.

Read a lot of novels along with getting a b.s....

Speaking ov novels, really enjoyed Urban Shaman! Joanne's character, and the coyote, are both a treat.