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28 March 2014 @ 09:25 am

Due to the entirely realistic fear that if I didn’t do something with the roses and raspberries I bought RIGHT AWAY, they would rot on the kitchen counter, Young Indiana and I went out to Deal With The Garden yesterday.


Armed with a rake, a gardening fork and a spade, I murdered many, many bulbous plants that were clearly due to turn into beautiful flowers of some sort soon, terrified some snails, cut at least one fat earthworm in half (I am SO SORRY, LIL GUY), dealt with the tragic sorrow of a small child who didn’t have his own gardening gloves (this has been rectified, or will have been when the Amazon order arrives), ripped out every root system I could lay my hands on, totally filled the compost bin, and eventually arrived at this:


They’re not particularly visible, but we did plant the four rose bushes in there. Two of them had root systems that looked like they might be sufficient to survive, and the other two, well, we’ll see. :)

We’ll do the raspberries today, and we’re thinking about just going ahead and taking out those trees there at the end so there’s room for blackberries, too. We’re not getting any personal mileage out of the trees and we’d get loads out of berry bushes. :)

I also want to put a trellis up across the whole cut-away space there, and get a couple of climbing roses so that (you know, 15 years from now or whatever) that space can be a whole waterfall of roses.

So anyway, I also jammed my left index finger with all of the big work yesterday, and, um, now I have to stop typing and eat breakfast and oh, man, better get bread going…!

(x-posted from The Essential Kit)

martianmooncrabmartianmooncrab on March 28th, 2014 08:37 am (UTC)
that is an incredible amount of work... and that eathworm? it will heal into two new worms..

I am getting my neighbors raspberries under my fence, they creep by runners.
kitmizkit on March 28th, 2014 09:16 am (UTC)
I know, but I felt bad for cutting it in half anyway!

Yeah, raspberries are insidious. OTOH, raspberries! :)
martianmooncrabmartianmooncrab on March 28th, 2014 06:50 pm (UTC)
my raspberries are in tubs so they wont go walkabout in the beds..
Deborah Blakedeborahblakehps on March 28th, 2014 12:44 pm (UTC)
It looks great now! I had two different raspberry patches that produced really well, and they both got mangled when I had to have trees trimmed back last year. In theory, you can cut them right back to the ground and they'll come back in spades. I guess I'm going to find out..
kitmizkit on March 28th, 2014 03:15 pm (UTC)
I believe, in fact, that you're *supposed* to cut them right back to the ground. I also believe raspberries have a 2 year cycle, so this year might not be as good anyway. :)

I am so sore today, OMG. :)
Deborah Blakedeborahblakehps on March 28th, 2014 06:31 pm (UTC)
They say you're supposed to, but I never did and they grew just fine. And raspberry bushes in the wild take over everything...

Oh goodness, yes, post-gardening OW. Hot bath?
kitmizkit on March 28th, 2014 06:58 pm (UTC)
perhaps the reason for the annual pruning is *so* they don't take over everything. :)
desperance: lukedesperance on March 28th, 2014 09:17 pm (UTC)
Raspberries have an ongoing two-year cycle: the canes that grow this year will fruit next year. You can safely cut back the canes that fruit this year; they have done their thing, and will just die now. If you cut back this year's new growth, there will be nothing to fruit next year. Which would be sad.
Laura Anne Gilmansuricattus on March 28th, 2014 01:01 pm (UTC)
I don't miss much about not-having-a-yard anymore, except my roses. I will garden vicariously through yours...
kitmizkit on March 28th, 2014 03:15 pm (UTC)
I'll try not to disappoint by, say, killing everything. :)
Trent the Uncatchableknappenp on March 28th, 2014 02:27 pm (UTC)
Go Team Kit!
irishkateirishkate on March 28th, 2014 07:52 pm (UTC)
Now come do mine.....

Impressive job - I am very impressed.
Herefoxherefox on March 28th, 2014 09:39 pm (UTC)
I am enthralled with the idea of climbing roses, nobody seems to grow them in my part of California and I almost wondered if they were made up for Beauty by Robin McKinley when I was a kid. If, in the rather dubious prospect of my ever owning house, I ever have a garden I'm totally planting a trellis and seeing if I can get them to grow.

And blackberries and raspberries because who needs a yarn free of thorns if you have blackberries and raspberries?