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o deer whut m i doing up?

We *did* trundle down to the tall ship concert, but the ship wasn't very impressive and the concert wasn't what we wanted to hear, so mostly we had an extremely nice walk down into Cobh and back again over a couple hours. Looovely evening. Lovely day overall, in fact, though I didn't work a lick. I'd been feeling like I was really wasting time until Ted said, "Well, you started out great guns this week!" and I remembered I had, at least, revised the first 90 pages of HoC. So I felt better then. :) Realistically I'm not getting back to work til Monday, 'cause tomorrow we're going into Cork to shop and I'm going to go see Coraline, and the fambly are arriving at one point or another tomorrow evening, so, right, realistically, no work. That's ok. I'm gonna print out the revisions and read them and I'll know what I'm doing on Monday. I say so. :)

Good grief. I don't know why you people kept me up this late. I'm going to bed. Sheesh!

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