kit (mizkit) wrote,

Patreon push!

So we’re doing prety well with the MAGIC & MANNERS Patreon project, having worked our way up to $144 commited toward new chapters in the past ten days or so.

To reiterate how it works: you, the patron, pledge to donate whatever small amount you wish toward a new chapter of MAGIC & MANNERS–$.25, $.50, $1, $5–whatever you like! When the pledged donations reach $250, I post a new chapter and press the collection button. If donations remain at $250, the next week I post another chapter, and so on and so forth until (hopefully!) MAGIC & MANNERS is finished.

As you will have gathered by now, I’m aiming for $250 per chapter, with hopes, of course, of going above that and being able to afford, say, editing and cover art for the project. :)

What needs to happen now is to try to get the word out! Raise the profile, talk about the project, & get it funded. All help in raising the signal is very much appreciated! ♥ :)

Go forth! Pledge! Then tell everybody about it! :)

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Tags: crowdfunding, sustainable funding models

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