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22 June 2006 @ 01:19 pm
experiments in baking  
Today's lunch involves an experiment in baking homemade potato chips.

So far what we've learned is that chips thin enough to be considered real chips stick to a well-oiled baking sheet and turn brown very fast, thus turning them into shattered bits of brown potato when you try to unstick them. Thicker chips, which do not seem so properly chip-like, seem to be faring better, but require longer cooking in order to get crispy. Not that they're not delicious otherwise, but one doesn't eat potato chips for the gooshy wonderfulness of them.

Ted--unfortunately after the fact--suggested using the silpat liners for the baking sheets to see if that would help. It'd clearly help the sticking problem. I'll give it a whirl next time, and see what kind of consistency I get out of the chips.

If I made homemade peanutbutter, I could have a totally home-made pb&j and chips lunch! But I haven't made peanutbutter yet. :) I'll try that some other time. :)
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(Deleted comment)
kitmizkit on June 22nd, 2006 05:37 pm (UTC)
...*ooooh*. ;)
socapicsocapic on June 22nd, 2006 02:06 pm (UTC)
peanut butter is REALLY easy to make and is SO much better fresh. as long as you have a food processor it's easy, that is.
mi amiga here made homemade parsnip chips. as unlikely as that seems, they were delicious. i think i ate the equivalent of about 4 parsnips. heh.
kitmizkit on June 22nd, 2006 05:38 pm (UTC)
We don't have a food processor! Oooh noooo!
(Anonymous) on June 22nd, 2006 02:07 pm (UTC)
potato chips
While baking is healthier,you might have better luck pan frying. Olive oil is my personal favorite, and you need quite a bit. Turn the bottom of the pan into a puddle, let it heat, and do the chips in a single layer.

Ted the Chef is cringing now, isn't he? :)
kitmizkit on June 22nd, 2006 05:39 pm (UTC)
Re: potato chips
No, I don't think he is. :) But it was the healthy side effect I was going for, anyway. :)
mostlymaylonemostlymaylone on June 22nd, 2006 02:44 pm (UTC)
I think your methods were probably fine if not time consuming. Your ratios and ingredients seem to be off. It has been a while, but from what I remember it is 5lbs chips (I don't believe it matters from what side of the pond.) to 80oz beverage. (in 20oz containers) If sandwiches are made, potatoes drop down to 4lbs to allow for 1lb of 2"*2" finger sandwiches. Beverage is also upped to 100oz to compensate for the dryness of bread.
It also my understanding that you're supposed to have a large recliner and a Tele. that gets nothing but sports channels. Over there; World Cup, over here; anything else.
...I checked with my step-brother, all ratios are multiplied by 2.5 for each additional person.
kitmizkit on June 22nd, 2006 05:40 pm (UTC)
*laugh*! ah! so THAT'S what I did wrong! All is clear now!

Next time I will cut up five pounds of potatoes!
S. L. Grayshadowhwk on June 22nd, 2006 03:41 pm (UTC)
but one doesn't eat potato chips for the gooshy wonderfulness of them.

That cracked me up.

This may be because I just got woken up abruptly. Still. *bibbles*
kitmizkit on June 22nd, 2006 05:40 pm (UTC)
*laughs* Well, one doesn't! :) *laugh*
(Anonymous) on June 25th, 2006 12:52 pm (UTC)
homemade fries
Shmoo and I have been using our deep-fryer to make home-fries. They've turned out really well I think. Of course, he's a really good liar!

Enjoyed your book!

shmoo's gf