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I don’t want to get anybody’s hopes up or anything, but I have finished writing the 4th chapter of MAGIC & MANNERS. I’m just sayin’.

Let’s see, what else do I know. Oh! The upcoming Indiegogo campaign for my sister’s musical (her Facebook page for it is here, you should keep an eye on it!) is well underway for preparations, and it looks like we’ll be putting up “CE Murphy Will Write You A Story” at 300 euro, which comes out around $400USD (gawd, the exchange rate!), but even with the exchange rate that’s actually quite a good deal, so rev your engines, ladies and gentlemen. If you’ve always wanted me to write you a story, your chance is coming up.

I’ll be doing some Tuckerisations, too, so if you don’t want a story but would like to see your name in a book, well, I’m working on MAGIC & MANNERS right now and have an contemporary-but-not-exactly-urban-fantasy idea to pitch to my editor at Harlequin, plus another Big Idea proposal to put together later in the year, so there’ll be loads of opportunities to become a character in an upcoming CE Murphy novel.

Beyond that, I have a metric shit-ton of reading to do by the end of the month, too, and some TV to watch, so gosh, maybe I should get to it. :)

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