kit (mizkit) wrote,

well, that's...better.

That didn't work exactly how I hoped it would. Reading the first 6.5 chapters (which is as much as I had written) determined that the first three were really incredibly bad. Not all of them, but big chunks. So I cut out the big chunks, which proved to be...oh, I don't know. More than a chapter. Probably about a chapter and a half. 20 or more pages out of like 40 or 45. (Oi.) And rearranged and rewrote and ended up about 1300 words short of where I'd been this morning, but with a much, much better opening to the book. I'll deal with the next forty pages tomorrow; hopefully I'll be able to just do a few line edits and then charge forth. Boy. That was pretty bad. I'm glad I printed it out so I could fix it. (See? I *can* be taught!)

I have not, however, accomplished anything else. This is the problem with writing: when I'm writing, it supercedes all else and I don't feel like anything else is important enough to bother with. I need to work on that.

But hey, at least the opening to the book is revised. :)

ytd wordcount: 185,500
Tags: revisions
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