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the morning report

I am, even as I type, printing out the 89 pages of HOUSE OF CARDS manuscript I have written.

*pauses to do this, so what I'm saying is true*

Ok, there, it's printing.

My goal today is to go through the rough, which has to be done on paper, not screen, and...fix things. Rewrite what I've got, add scenes, spend as much time as necessary writing notes in the margins about things I had ideas for while doing HoS revisions. I hope that at the end of the day I will have 100 pages of manuscript instead of 89. (85, with silly A4 paper.) I don't know if I'll manage it, but I do know I won't if I keep sitting here reading news reports, which is what I'm doing now. :)

thinks to do today:
1. house of cards revisions
2. bring the movie to the p.o.
3. call to set up riding lesson
4. eat well
Tags: 100 days, revising

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