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I do not want to be writing. :p I’m pretty sure that this is more because I’ve done about 15K in the past 3 days and yet somehow I’m Still Not Done than it is about having messed the book up (often not wanting to write means I’ve done it wrong, but in this case I think my butt is just numb and is affecting my brain), but man, I don’t want to write. So part of my brain is trying to tempt me with Other Projects (“It’ll be more fun! It isn’t Work!”) while the rest of my brain is going “the book is due in 8 days, cut that out.” So I guess I’m sitting here typing a blog post in the hopes it’ll shake some of the stupor off.

It struck me last night that the love story in this book (I’m working on STONE’S THROE, the pulp novel for the Spirit of the Century game) is up there as one of my favourites I’ve ever written. Maybe it’s the whole playing in somebody else’s universe, I don’t know, because probably my favourite is in IMMORTAL BELOVED (ah, and if only I had reason to write the other two Methos novels…), or maybe it’s just that in my regular stuff I don’t tend to write tragic love stories and I rather like those ones personally. Anyway, it also struck me that the theme song for this particular love story is totally Wrecking Ball.

Structure is hard. I have this grandiose idea for what I want to do with this book’s structure and no idea if I’ll be able to actually pull it off, which is probably also affecting my willingness to work on it. I want it to be awesome and elegant and at the moment it’s functional and revising to awesomeness…may not even work, I don’t know…and just yeah. Bleh. Meh. Wah wah wah.

I guess I should go get busy on the stupid book.

(an hour later: I got busy and then the groceries arrived and then I dropped a 500ml container of cream on the floor and it broke open, so I have 700 new words, a chunk of washed kitchen floor, and a load of laundry going. @.@)

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