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Man. I should be outside playing in the sunshine, but I'm all tuckered out. We walked down to the store, so I did get some exercise in, and then I reaaaaaaaalllllllllly didn't want to walk down to the post office. Ted, my hero of the revolution, made use of a magical device called a telephone, thus making it unnecessary for me to walk to the post office, so I've been sitting around like a sleepy slug all afternoon. Except for the part when I made cookies. That wasn't slug-like! :) And later I must make bread. I'm going to make a loaf of regular bread, and I'm going to make a loaf of oatmeal molasses bread, if I have enough molasses--and I do. Excellent. Anyway, I thought I'd take that up to Blackrock and let Deirdre & Co try it. :)

OMG. I want one. In a babydoll, please, size medium, color heather grey. *laughs and laughs*

OMG, twice. Comic book movement IRL. I must study at the feet of the master.

AH! arcaedia just emailed! URBAN SHAMAN is *finally* being shipped directly from Amazon again! HOORAY!

I got a very flattering comment over on the forums today: a male reader who picked up CARDINAL RULE because it'd been mis-shelved in mystery read the back cover, most of the first chapter, then went and bought it despite getting the hairy eyeball from the female bookseller because he was buying a Silhouette book. He went on to say, "Who would have thought that one would find this quality of writing in a "trashy romance novel". It reminded me of the 1960's Spy novels by Len Deighton and Ian Fleming, amoung others. I really miss that style of classic spy stories."

I thought that was really wonderful. *beam*

(ETA: Oh oh oh, such a dork, forgot to say! Ted has got himself an LJ now! He's chefted! Yaaay!)

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