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First, I remind folk that the CE Murphy 2014 photographic calendar is available and currently 20% off with the discount code 48HOURSDEALS. I remind you of this mostly so I’ll remember to order some myself for gifts, but hey, if I’m reminding me I might as well remind everybody. :)

Second, I have finally turned in a synopsis for a book that is over a year late. I have never been this late on anything and am mortified, but the synopsis is a lot of fun and if I can only find the time to write the book itself, that’ll probably be fun too. I owe a preposterous debt of gratitude to some of my friends, too, for helping me work my way from the vaguest ugly sense of story all the way through to a long, detailed, fun synopsis. Srsly, wow. #indebted

Third…there is no third, only Zuul. I’m gonna go watch some TV now. :)

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