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The Dragon, the Witch & the Railroad

I could have *sworn* I’d posted this last week, but apparently not!

Elizabeth Ann Scarborough, author of many wonderful books (including the Nebula-award-winning HEALER’S WAR, a book which her MFA professors at our mutual alma mater, the University of Alaska Fairbanks, told her would never be published!), is running a Kickstarter!

It’s for a new book in the Songs of the Seashell Archives, which are light-hearted, delightful epic fantasy that I absolutely loved when I discovered them. (Among other things, the first book features possibly my all-time favorite authorial insertion, in which the book goes from chapter 12 to chapter 14, “because things are bad enough for our heroes without this also being chapter 13.” “Very funny,” said her editor. “Don’t do that again.” *laughs*)

She’s looking for a *very* modest $5K to pursue the project, and I really, really would like to see it go, but as always, boosting the signal is difficult! Especially, perhaps, during holiday season, so if you’re of a mind to pitch in, ohh, please do, and even if you can’t, perhaps let people know the project is going on! Thank you so much! <3

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