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reviving an old project

I whinge a lot about not drawing enough, or not being a good enough artist, so I've decided I'm going to revive an old project of mine that never went very far, 1000 Drawings. My original idea--which also fell by the wayside quite rapidly--was that what I needed to do in order to actually become any good at art is just keep drawing the same damned thing until I got it, and then move on to another piece. (This icon is one of maybe 3 pieces I actually did that with.) I figured once I'd done a thousand drawings, I'd probably have a fair handle on what I was doing. (I am not clear on whether this meant 1000 finished pieces or 1000 rough pieces. It probably ought to mean 1000 finished pieces, which would make God Alone Knows How Many Roughs. Possibly it also means I should do a second gallery for the finished stuff. I'll have to do that later. When there's more than one piece to showcase.)

Um. I'm not sure there's much point to this posting beyond announcing I'm going to give this another whirl. Well, there are some points. One is that I should probably try drawing in pencil instead of ink, because it's harder to correct mistakes and get it right the first time if you can't erase. I wonder if I can find my pencil box. Hm.

Another is I'm not necessarily looking for critique or commentary, though of course if people feel like it, y'know, go ahead. But I basically know what my weaknesses are as an artist, and I can generally see the problem when I look at a piece. I don't necessarily know how to *fix* it, but that's the whole point here, is to practice and learn. I'll probably put my own comments about the sketches into the comments on the gallery.

Lastly, anybody who wants to is welcome to join me. :) Oh, and tonight's drawing is here. That's all. :)
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