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12 November 2013 @ 04:07 pm
holy maple ginger fudge, batman!  

I admit it: I was skeptical about maple ginger fudge.

Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned. Holy crap, that’s amazingly good fudge. I made half the batch straight-up maple and haven’t tried it yet (because the ginger went in last, so all the fudge scraps, or as I so charmingly call them, fudge droppings, are gingery), but I’m actually betting the maple ginger is better, due to the ginger cutting some of the sweet.

Wow, holy beans. That’s good stuff! I hope the lady I’ve made it for is pleased! :)

(Oh, the recipe is here. Don’t believe the bit about “stir occasionally”–one of the secrets to brilliant fudge is stirring constantly from when the heat goes on, which means you need to have EVERYTHING ready before you start. And these are the changes I made to the recipe:

- doubled the candied ginger
- doubled the maple
- 12oz, not 10, of white chocolate

This recipe is, incidentally, basically the one I use for fudge, except with semi-sweet morsels (Nestles are best) instead of white chocolate, and without the maple/ginger.)

Next up: dairy-free chocolate fudge!

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The Bellinghmanbellinghman on November 12th, 2013 04:09 pm (UTC)
Don’t believe the bit about “stir occasionally”

So, even while you're bringing it up to the boil rather than just while it is boiling? I suspect the recipe writer herself switches from occasional to constant as she gets closer to the boil.
kitmizkit on November 12th, 2013 04:15 pm (UTC)
Unless you're bringing it to the boil on an incredibly low heat (and possibly even then because I don't make fudge on supremely low heats because I don't have five hours to stand at a stove), yes. Because the butter will burn if you don't stir it while it's coming to the boil and burned butter does not make for good fudge. I mean, yes, you can step away for a couple of seconds as it's coming up to the boil, but it's not a safe way to get spectacularly good fudge.
The Bellinghmanbellinghman on November 12th, 2013 05:33 pm (UTC)
OK - and presumably, clarified butter, while less prone to burning, doesn't have those lovely milk solids in and doesn't taste so nice.

(Herself seems to like the occasional fudge. And the fudge she bought last Friday may be gone soon, so perhaps I should consider making some.)
kitmizkit on November 12th, 2013 05:55 pm (UTC)
I've never tried it with clarified butter, so I donno! :)
The Bellinghmanbellinghman on November 12th, 2013 06:13 pm (UTC)
Well, it's probably better to stir it since you've got the evaporated milk in it, and even if the butter doesn't burn the milk might.