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Picoreview: Thor: The Dark World

Picoreview: Thor: The Dark World (spoiler-free):

Thor thor thor thor Loki Thor Loki Thor Loki Thor Loki Thor thor thor thor loki Loki LOKI Loki loki thor thor thor Loki Loki Loki LOKI thor

Stay through ALL THE CREDITS, people. ALL THE CREDITS. One does not simply walk out of a Marvel movie before the credits are done rolling!

(not spoilery but not without an opinion behind the cut):

There were bits I thought were kind of awful, but they were not the bits with, er, anybody except the Space Elves. In fact, all the bits without Space Elves were pretty goddamn awesome, and the layered storytelling in Thor and Loki’s story, OMG!

I will write more of a review, maybe, when I’m sure the movie has opened in America. :)

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