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Infinity Key Kickstarter!

If you’ll recall, a couple of years ago I wrote a delighted and relieved report regarding my friend Chrysoula Tzavelas‘s first book, MATCHBOX GIRLS, which I really loved.

Her second book, INFINITY KEY, also out from the small press that did Matchbox Girls, has just launched its Kickstarter for the print edition.

I read INFINITY KEY a couple of weeks ago and, this time, expected a terrific book rather than going in with the trepidation of reading a friend’s novel and hoping it would be good. And I was rewarded for my exepctations, as it’s a terrific, fast-paced book full of good adventure. It stars “Action Girl” Bronwyn, best friend to book one’s protagonist Marley, and delves well into the world of faerie and the secrets therein. Extremely enjoyable, and the Kickstarter is going great guns, so go forth and get y! :)

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