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not bad.

I got more than halfway through the ms. Probably not 60%, definitely not 75%, but more than halfway, which is acceptable. There's a thing I need to go back and change, but it won't cause too many shock waves. I think. I hope. Anyway. Still got more than 50% of it done, shockwaves or not. Also walked to the post office, cleaned the kitchen (mostly) and did (some) laundry.

Not bad at all. Go me.

I decided earlier today that when the graham crackers I've got are gone I wanted to make my own, so I went looking for a recipe. And I found *doom*. I found...

Baking blogs!

Really, I should've known they were out there. There are blogs on everything, and heck, my very own agent has a food blog (spicemustflow), so, y'know, *obviously*. Except I never thought of it, and now I'm *doomed*. *Oatmeal molasses bread*. Or *whole grain pancakes with blackberry maple syrup*. MmMMMMmmmm! Or or or. I am *so* doomed. Maybe I could start holding bake sales to support, er. I don't know. My baking habit. How 'bout some ginger-pumpkin muffins? Or Mexican chocolate loaf cake?. Lordy, lordy. And this is only one blog. I'm *doomed*.

Yesterday I got a box full of copies of WINTER MOON. This was a mistake on Harlequin's part, since I'd already gotten a box full of copies of WINTER MOON last year, but my editor said it wasn't worth sending them back, so now I have like forty copies total.

Anybody who would like a signed copy should tell me a story about something (fictional or real, I don't care) in comments and I'll send out a handful of copies to the most heartwarming or giggly or eek-y or something (in other words, the ones I like best, but that wouldn't be egalitarian to say, would it?). :)

I'm going to embrace my doom and go make some snickerdoodles. :)

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