kit (mizkit) wrote,

evil vs pratical

Amazon may be an evil empire, but man, the check I receive from them every month sure helps smooth things along. It makes me desperate to do another self-pub project just to add a little to that kitty.

In, you know, my copious free time. *sigh* I haven’t had time this year to work on my contracted projects, nevermind a freelance thing. (This is unfortunately pretty literally true. It’s been my worst writing year ever since I became a professional and the worst one in memory since I began writing really seriously. The only thing I’ve completed is SHAMAN RISES, and I have to throw out most the 80 pages I’ve done on the 3rd book for my nephew. Which is due by the 10th of December at the latest, and I also have the pulp fiction novel to write between now and then.)

And once I get this contracted stuff done, I have the post-Walker-Papers project to put together a proposal for, and that’s going to be…large. So I do not see where I could shove a Kickstarter/freelance thing in, in any practical fashion.

I just need an extra month or two in here somewhere. With absolutely no distractions in it.

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Tags: kickstarter, writing

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