kit (mizkit) wrote,

i amn’t ded!

Just apparently either terribly busy or terribly boring.

Last night we made it to the beginning of the celestial alignment in ‘Highlander: The Source’ before being unable to stand it anymore and concluding one had to be already preposterously drunk to watch that movie. For those following along at home, that’s about 7 minutes into the film. OMG, teh bad. But, Twitter assures me, in defense of the first 7 minutes, it gets much worse. Given that I was already peeking through my fingers and kicking the couch and writhing with the awfulness, this is almost a compelling reason to actually watch the whole thing. Possibly with as many Highlander-loving friends as we can find, just to really share the pain.

(I did approve of the fact that Duncan’s outrageous fur-collared coat in the first minutes is one we’ve seen him in before. Either that or it was the one Vin Diesel wore in Triple X, which is close enough.)

Harry Connolly’s Kickstarter is a mere $1100 away from getting awesome Chris McGrath covers! Go check it out! Epic fantasy for the win!

I would like to think that my reaction, had I been in the situation presented in this video, would have been to leap back in surprise, then to cry, “It’s okay, honey, you’re Jean Grey and it’s all going to be fine!” as I ran forward to hug her. (We will overlook the fact that Jean is never, ever ever fine.)

I’m having issues with my Kobo, which is to say, I bought several books from so I could read them on the flight and I can’t open them on my damn e-reader. I’ve been talking to Kobo help, but so far nothing has worked. So I went and bought some of Judy’s books at BookViewCafe because THEY bloody work on my e-reader. I swear, it’s almost enough to drive a woman to using a Kindle.

Almost. :p

I’m still trying to figure out what I’m going to wear at ValleyCon (remember! I’ll be in Fargo from Oct 18-20! Come see me!). Which is becoming kind of important, because we leave on Thursday, so I should be figuring that out, um, now. Instead of making a much-belated blog post.

In fact, I’d probably better go do that.


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