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I do wish...

I wish that when I'm badly stalled out doing revisions (or writing, for that matter) and playing game after game of solitaire, that I would consistently remember that even if I don't think I need to, what I really do need to do at that stage is print out the book and have a hard copy to go over. It can take me weeks to figure this out, which is really annoying, because I do it EVERY time, so you'd think I'd know better. :P I'm improving: mostly these days it only takes me several days (like this time: 4 days), but still, you'd think if I sat down at the computer and stared mindlessly at the screen for more than twenty minutes I'd start to have a clue.

(HEART OF STONE does not count for this. I *had* a hardcopy. I was just so sick and exhausted of the book that I honestly couldn't bear to do more than a few minutes' work at a time.)

Anyway, I've got a printout of PHOENIX now, and I probably won't get through more than a third of the ms today, but tomorrow I'll get a lot done, and with any luck I'll type it all in Monday and be done with it. I should've been done Friday, if I'd just printed the damned thing out on Tuesday or Wednesday. Bah.

In total non-complainy news, we had a *thunderstorm* last night! A really big rumbly one! I don't know if there are lots of thunderstorms in Ireland, but there are very few in Kenai, where I grew up, so I'm always impressed and delighted by them. RRRRRRRRROOOOOMMMMBBBBBLLLLLE! And now it is blessedly much cooler (such a heat weenie, I), and I should probably go for a walk before it starts to rain again.

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