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exciting morning & weekend report

Well, that was far more excitement than one wants at 6:20am on a Monday morning.

We were getting Young Indiana’s bath ready, which involves running the water until it’s hot, then turning it off again because it gets so hot that you can’t put the plug in the tub. Young Indiana turned it off, but he turned it the wrong way (and I was using the toilet, so not standing over him to supervise) and the handle came off the faucet, causing scalding water to spurt up through the now-open top of the faucet. And the handle could not be put back on.

So I sat there holding it to stem the flow of water while Ted tore all over the house trying to figure out where to shut the goddamned hot water off and discovering a leak springing in the kitchen and me calling plumbers and the water gradually changing from scalding to tepid. Ted finally figured out where to turn the water off. Just as well, because moments later the plumber called and said they couldn’t make it. Ted managed to put the tap back together, and all is well, but we’re both strung out and nauseous now. Gllllb.

(Note: nobody got hurt with the hot hot hot water. Young Indy sensibly let go when the hot water started hitting his hands and wailed for me, and the tap handle was tall enough that I could keep my fingertips on the top to hold it in place and just avoid the water, but yagh.)

Other than that, well, jeez, uh. Riddick on Friday night. Saturday we went to the farmers’s market, which was, um, expensive. :) *laughs* But I got strawberries and made strawberry jam, which turned out gorgeously. I can’t remember what else we did. Well, Ted went to see Riddick, but I think Young Indiana and I mostly just hung out. And we watched Avengers, so now Thor 2 is up next. :)

Sunday I had a really good time shopping. :p I got a couple pairs of new shoes, which will hopefully see me through to about Christmas. Probably. I hope. :p (Seriously, I hate shopping. Bleh.) And I had a *terrific* 2.5 hour chat yesterday evening with Michelle Sagara, which was great.

And now I’m going to go get things ready for preschool and possibly eat something because I suspect the nausea now is probably partly hunger-borne instead of just adreneline on an empty stomach.

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