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07 September 2013 @ 05:18 pm
Picoreview: Riddick  

I would write a picoreview of Riddick, except Ursula has already pretty well nailed it.

Every time I watch a Riddick film I want to write a character like him (only female, because me). The whole baddest bad guy who is the lesser of two evils in a bad situation kind of character. I love that character (okay, *especially* when growled by Vin Diesel), and frankly I’d love to write whole Chronicles story my own way. (I’m actually hugely relieved they didn’t get to make another Riddick movie immediately after Chronicles, because there’s almost no chance they’d have done it right (ie, the way I think the story should have been told) and this way they didn’t even (have to) try.)

I do kind of wonder if it’s more difficult to pull off that kind of character in books than on film (and of course there’s the whole problem with a jerk or bad guy or a stone cold killer female being instantly an irredeemable bitch whereas a jerk or bad guy or a stone cold killer male is just a jerk or a bad guy). I know exactly the character I’d be writing, but the story scenario–I mean, Pitch Black and Riddick are Bad Man Against Ravening Monster Aliens, and Chronicles is (1. arguably the wrong story to have told, and 2.) Bad Man Against Evil Empire, the latter of which is probably easier to maintain for a book and the former of which is kinda necessary to establish the sheer outrageous badassness of the character. So it’s maybe a bit harder to set up in a book than film, I donno. Not impossible, just harder.

Because, you know, I have so little to do in my copious free time. :)

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ruford42 on September 9th, 2013 03:11 am (UTC)
Wait...We weren't supposed to like Belinda?!? Yes, she does plenty of reprehensible things, but I could sympathize, partly because of the severity of her childhood, and also because I was viewing her through the lens of a spy or intelligence officer -- Someone who does horrible things, not because they necessarily enjoy being a horrible person, but because they believe it serves a greater..well if not a greater good, at least a greater purpose.

That and when we learn more about Drake and his cohorts, I kept expecting to see a heel turn develop and have her and J become the anti-heroes. Alas...not that the rest of that story could be a *cough*Kickstarter*cough* or anything :)
kit: inheritorscyclemizkit on September 9th, 2013 06:34 am (UTC)
*laughs* that's really not where the rest of the story was going, but I like the idea. :)

Believe me, I have thought often of doing a Kickstarter to finish the series...

And if you liked and sympathized with Belinda, I'm delighted. That's how I viewed her as well--loyalty, I always thought, was her one redeemable trait--and I *love* her as a character, but I figured she'd be very, very difficult for people to empathize with.