kit (mizkit) wrote,

visits and gardens and things, oh my!

Our friend Kate came up from Cork to do family things, but we got to keep her overnight because we’re lucky. :) I obliged her to get her 10,000 steps for the year in a *second time* this year, the poor darling: we went hither and yon and to the Botanic Gardens for a picnic (and ended up on the evening news! if only for a moment or two! :) I’d download that and make a clip of just the bit with us except I can’t figure out how. Is anybody else smart enough to?) and hung out in our garden and generally had a really lovely time, at the end of which we were all totally exhausted. :)

Let’s see. Oh! I got a form letter a couple of days ago letting me know that I have not advanced to the next stage of the Arthur Guinness Projects grant awards thing, so, well, no climate change trilogy. Not right now, anyway.

Okay, several hours ago when I started this post I thought I had more to say, but having come back to it I can’t think what, so I’m going to go make some more jam now.

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