kit (mizkit) wrote,

the final revisions

So the SHAMAN RISES revisions are really super light except for the five chapters that need to be completely rewritten. After finishing my re-read last week, I emailed my editor and said “okay, so my problem here is that I wrote it this way because the other thing to do leads down a genuinely unforgiveable path and I don’t know what to dooooooooooo”

She wrote back right away and my first impulse upon glancing at it was “no, that won’t work.” This morning when I sat down to have a good look at it, I realized that not only did her suggestion take care of the major problem with the book, but it was much, much more awful than all the unforgiveable things I’d thought of myself.

Obviously that’s what I’ll be doing, then.

On that cheery note, I invite you all to go vote for the ‪Last Days‬ project so that I have employment after the end of the Walker Papers, assuming any of you are still speaking to me after what I’m about to do. :)

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Tags: revisions, walker papers, writing

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