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It's Thursday. Somehow I was not prepared for it to be Thursday. I had a specific set of things I was going to start on Thursday (like getting up earlier), and it was only in the shower at 8:25 that the befuddled idea that I had in fact blown this plan slowly set in. This, despite having discussed with Ted that yesterday was Wednesday. You'd think I'd know by now that Thursday doth follow Wednesday like the night the day, but somehow it totally escaped me. Yes, yesterday was Wednesday, and I had one more day of sleeping in before Thursday, was somehow the thought. How'd that happen?

I got some of the patterns I ordered. Actually, I got all of the patterns I've *ordered*, but not all of the ones I've thought about ordering. :) I'm no longer certain the one that looks like this one will look good on me (I tried on something wrap-aroundy like that recently and I just have too much rib and too little waist), but I'll make one anyway, 'cause why not. Maybe I know a busty size 10 who could have it, if it turns out to not look good on me.

I need better snacks. The grapes I keep buying keep turning out gooshy, and apples are a crap shoot (really frustrating, because the green grocer in Athy consistently had brilliant apples, and I haven't found anywhere here that does yet), and the Kellogg snack bar things are too falsely sweet/commercial tasting/something to be satisfying. I did go look up snack bar recipes and found a few that look good, so I'm going get the ingredients and give 'em a whirl, but in the meantime I keep eating raisinets (which aren't even filling) and graham crackers (which are, but you can only eat so many graham crackers in a day). I should boil up a few eggs so I have those handy, though I can't eat too many or my tummy gets upset.

Any suggestions on good snack foods? I'm not much of a fruit eater (I'll eat apples, grapes, pineapple, though it tears my mouth up, and sometimes oranges, but they're so much work. fuzzy fruits are right out. ick. bananas are fine in things, but I can't bear them alone, and berries are only edible when drowned in whipped cream or otherwise disguised, which, I suspect, somewhat lessens the "good for you" value...), I don't like raw veggies at all, and experience tells me that while I don't dislike them, I won't eat nuts (unless they're in gorp). I'm sort of left with what, cheese and crackers? Not a very adventuresome eater, I, much to my husband the chef's frustration.

I better go have some breakfast, print out my revision letter, and get to work, huh? Ok. I'll do that. *scoots*
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