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weekend roundup

If we can catch up to Swan River Press this week I’ll post the first chapter of SHAMAN RISES on Friday evening. :)

He’s 600 votes ahead of us and gets 100 votes a day as standard, so we’ve got a LOT of catching up to do! :) ote for the Last Days project! (And you should vote for Swan River Press, too, really. :))

This weekend was not filled with fun exciting things. Poor Ted spent a month at Ikea on Saturday afternoon, and did some significant garden work on Sunday afternoon. It looks distinctly better, although Ted, as the one doing the work, only sees what hasn’t been done yet instead of what has been. :) Me, I went for a long walk with Young Indiana very early Saturday morning and much of the rest of the weekend seems to be a blur.

We did watch another episode of Jericho, which we’re halfway through the first season on. My favorite character, no questions, is Jonah (this will surprise exactly no one who knows me and has watched the show), with Heather coming in a neck-and-neck second. I’m very pleased with the women in the show: I think they’re all good, in a wide range of different kind of good. All distinct personalities, all motivated by different things, all well-presented. Not all likeable, but they don’t have to be. I just think they’re well done, and it’s sad that I find it so noticeable.

I also finished reading GETTING THINGS DONE, which has a lot of good ideas, all of which are can be summarized but not necessarily explained by “take list-making to a whole new level.” I bet it’d be *especially* helpful if you could hire the author to come help you organize your crap. But I have, prompted by the book, gotten a whiteboard for the kitchen to make notes on, and…well, the rest of the year might not be enough time to implement all the organizational suggestions he’s got, but I can see where he’s coming from and I can see how it would help a great deal, so perhaps I’ll slough toward Bethlehem.

I emptied a box. Today, not over the weekend. But it wasn’t a very full one. And then I sat there staring despondently at the calf-high boots still trying to decide if I should keep them or not, and got no farther. OTOH, the Ikea guys brought us some shelves yesterday, so with luck we’ll get them up tonight and … be able to change the mess around some.

Now, however, I have to get cracking on the revisions for SHAMAN RISES.

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