kit (mizkit) wrote,

busy busy busy

You guys have got my back. I was kind of too busy with other stuff to really plug the #LastDays project yesterday, but we still got nearly 100 votes. Aiming for 1800 today! Go go go go go! Vote for the Last Days project!

A couple of friends have gotten good news recently, none of which is mine to share, but boy am I pleased for them. Seems to make everything a little better, especially since they (like so many right now) have been scrambling, and their good news will alleviate some of that. Makes me happy. <3

We went to Ikea to get the shelving units yesterday. They had the supports this time and not the shelves. Aaaaaaaaargh. So my clever plan to get them and set them up so we could actually unpack more this weekend instead of spending Saturday trying to get the shelves. Sigh. Oh well.

I have so many things to do I can’t even make a list. *flops off*

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Tags: daily life

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