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phone duty

We got another 100 votes on Last Days yesterday, although somehow it’s still not back on the trending projects page! But if we make it to at least 1570 votes today, I will send a book to somebody who reports their number in to me today, just for fun. (And also because I have an overstuffed bookcase full of my own books, sigh, but let’s pretend it’s all just for fun. :)) The Last Days project. :)

I’ve taken, the past several nights, to going to bed by 9:30. It’s embarrassing, but probably good for me. And someday I’ll learn that if I wake up at 5:something for the call of nature, I’m not going back to sleep so I might as well get up and work instead of lying in bed being grumpy about everybody else being asleep while I’m not. I mean, obviously, I *know* it, but I still keep trying to go back to bed.

okay, things i have to do today:
- go to bank
- find a pen to sign that form
- put form in envelope
- bring enveloped form to post office & mail it
- call some preschools
- call plumber
- call greyhound
- call airtricity
- get phone insurance argh i don’t have my wallet with me

how can sitting in one place looking things up online and making phone calls feel like so much work?

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