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I just delivered the HEART OF STONE manuscript to my editor.

Jeez. I feel like I should have something else to say after that. Something celebratory or squeeing or THANK GOD or something, but the flat statement is all I can work myself up to. It's *done*, and I don't have to *think* about it for at least several more weeks and probably more like a few months. Thank God. :) I think I'm going to work on Chance #4 some later this afternoon, and then tomorrow I'll start dealing with the PHOENIX revisions. I should probably make a printout of that manuscript today...

I got my Rogue poster from Tammy! Plus she sent a row of stickers with the other characters, so now I'm trying to decide if I should get the whole thing professionally framed, and if so, whether I should put the row of other characters below the Rogue poster to sort of tie it all in together-like. The only thing preventing me is I don't know how stickers might react to being framed, if the glue might get wonky over time.

I believe I'll put my shoes on and trundle down to the post office. If I were a really good person I'd be doing that with a pile of books to send out, but I'm not that good, so I'll just take the movie back. Gotta remember to pack books up this weekend, though, so I can get them sent out...

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