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Picoreview: Now You See Me

Picoreview: Now You See Me: I loved it, actually. Really enjoyed it. And this is an enormously non-specific review, because it’s got too many great twists to risk spoiling.

Jesse Eisenberg meant Mark Ruffalo wasn’t my least favorite performer on the screen, which I think has never happened before in a movie with Ruffalo in it. I thought the romantic storyline was forced, but the only person I’ve ever thought Ruffalo had on-screen chemistry with is RDJ, and it is clear other people don’t think his charm is limited to the Science Brothers. OTOH, the female lead, Mélanie Laurent, with whom I had not previously been familiar, was charming (which only made the romance attempt more painful). I also thought the whole thing kind of fell apart in the denouement.

Woody Harrelson was particularly enjoyable, and it was delicious watching Morgan Freeman and Michael Caine in a different relationship than the Alfred/Lucian one. Overall, well worth it, I thought. :)

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