kit (mizkit) wrote,

oh god, the thinks to do

- get superman stuff at lidl
- get marshmallow fluff at aldi
- get stir fry stuff
- decide what color to paint young indy’s room get paint
- see what kind of inoffensive small carpet can be had for cheap
- call about a shed
- pack up my office
- and the RPGs upstairs
- die in a pit

- do more laundry

In completely unrelated news, yesterday I muttered “take a chance. old races. inheritors’ cycle. #ThingsIAmNotKickstarting #CommaDammit” on Twitter and Fred, who is an enabler, started rolling out ideas on how to run a terrific Chance graphic novel project. WHOSE SIDE IS HE ON, ANYWAY?

(instant download of first issue at $1. full GN download at $25. automatic signed print copy at whatever amount works out to be practical. seriously limited oversized hardcover edition for way high end backers. new chance universe short story for the GN if it makes over $X. new issues of chance/2nd GN at some really preposterously large amount of money…NOT THAT I’M THINKING ABOUT THIS.)

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Tags: chance, haus, kickstarter, moving, thinks to do

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