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speaking of visualization...

Speaking of visualization, today's kitsnaps photo is another one I'm especially proud of. tersa, I accidentally deleted your comment while killing spam. Sorry. O.O

From veilofgrace, deep in the comments on the visualization thread, we have a couple of rebound qusetions:

For those that don't visualize, do you remember your dreams? And how do you daydream?

I do remember my dreams, and they're typically visual. Once in a while I'll be reading the story of the dream (and holy *gods* is it frustrating to then wake up and be unable to get the words that were on the dream-page onto a *real* page), and slightly more often but not regularly I'll dream an ElfQuest story in black and white still panels.

I daydream in words. Everything's words. Daydreams are stories I tell to myself in my head, with words. (Ted's head nearly turned inside-out when I said that.) I seem to have the vague long-term sense that yes, daydreaming in words is probably unusual, not what most people do...but I don't think I believe(d) that people really daydream in pictures any more than I can fundamentally believe that people see pictures in their heads when they read. :)

Also in the comments, from chrysoula: I do get occasional visuals in my head, especially when I've been heavily involved in an image-based medium (like comics or tv) recently.

Now *this* is interesting. I, as you might guess, have to work REALLY HARD to write a comic script page. I don't really see what I'm trying to describe, but an artist can draw something very like what I imagined the page to look like (big graphic: it's the first page of the script and 4 artists' renditions of it). After seeing enough of Ardian's pages, I started to have a clearer idea of what the individual pages might *really* look like as I was writing the script, until by the time I was writing the third script I could *almost* see them. I *know* what they look like,and I can *almost* see what they look like. This is quite the deal, for me. :) Anyway. It's all very interesting!

So tell me about your daydreams! (Um. Not necessarily in intimate detail, you understand...:))
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