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things! all the things!

I’m having one of those days where I’ve got a bunch of things bubbling away and none of them are ready to talk about and so what I’m left with is just wanting to seize people and say “I KNOW SUCH COOL PEOPLE OMG LOOK AT THEM, THEY’RE SO COOL!” because I can’t be more specific.

Except in a few cases I can. For example: my long-time friend Ellen Million’s coloring book for so-called-grown-ups Kickstarter is heading into its last week and only needs about another $1K to make 10x its original goal.

(I met Ellen on like the first day of art class in college. She was sitting beside me and I looked over at her drawing and I said, “Hey, isn’t that a riff on Sebell?” She said, “Yes!” and looked at my drawing and said, “Hey, ElfQuest?” and we’ve been friends ever since. :))

And Sofawolf Press has launched a Digger Omnibus Kickstarter, which funded in 24 hours and is now climbing rapidly toward stretch goals that they thought were probably out of reach. *laughs*

And Rachel Caine’s, um, people, are running a Morganville TV Web Series Kickstarter, which is cool too!

So those at the moment are the cool things I can talk about. The other stuff, it’s just…things happening because I’ve met amazing people over the years, and because they are ambitious and focused and dedicated and willing to work together, and it’s just really neat. And honestly, hardly any of the things bubbling around in my mind right now are *my* projects. I’m just so excited about things that are going on for other people, and I’m so looking forward to when they’re public knowledge.

Also, regarding All The Things: I have so much great follow-up to post after the Escaping Stockholm stuff. With getting ready to move and all, I’m going to have to try to write those up and pre-schedule them just to make sure they get out there.

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