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Hair color: much better. Not striped. I am now going to do nothing to it for 6 weeks and then make some kind of decision about whether I'm going to keep it long or not. Right now it's pretty dry and thrashed from the stripping treatment, but I have expensive shampoo and conditioner, and the brutal hairdresser assured me that with patience and continued use my hair would work its way back to normal.

Man, my scalp hurts. Irish hairdressers are not gentle. Ow. Also, my Young Dubliners t-shirt did not survive the experience. Apparently the stripping agent dripped down the back of the shawl and bleached streaks into my shirt. I didn't discover that until I came home. Not so happy about that.

and, mostly so the length is actually visible,

I have not looked at HoS today, and that makes me happy. Ted's making bbq ribs for dinner, and that makes me even happier. I think I'm going to go shopping tomorrow, which isn't so much a happy-making thing (usually quite the opposite) as it is simply Not Working On HEART OF STONE, which is inherently happy.

I need to find some tape to close up the DVD envelope I accidentally opened this morning, so I can send it back.

This is my life. Small things. :)

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