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good news, bad news

Good news: I've written 4300 words today.

Bad news: only 1300 of them have been on HEART OF STONE. The rest have been...I struggle with what to call it. It'd be fanfic if I actually wrote the whole thing, but I've RP'd for so long I don't actually have any particular interest in writing a whole fanfic; someone else has to do the other half. So I guess it's a ton of introductory scenelets or something. Anyway, it's all the mutant Kit's fault, and it was a lot more fun than working on my stupid book. I'm gonna go back and write more in a while, though, because...I need to finish this book, is why. This scene I need to write is a fight scene and those are usually fun and go pretty fast once I get into 'em. I just don't waaaaaaannnnnnnnnnaaaaaa.

Ted says I'm whining a lot about this book. I mean, I know I am, but I thought he was supposed to be all supportive and say, "No, no, you're not whining any more than usual, there there dear." Hrmph. :)

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