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character nookie

My characters are trying to go off and have sex without me.


That sounded all wrong.

Anyway, I was working on rewriting the end and the next thing I knew Margrit and Alban were getting all *raar*, and jeez, I hadn't even gotten them to the bit where I'd planned for them to go all *raar*, so now I figure there won't be later-*raar* and instead something else will happen. It's moving along, though, which is what's important. I've got this whole new scene to write, and then...well. Not sure. At least some rewriting on existing scenes, and a new lead-in for one of them, and maybe another all new scene and...that should probably be about all the new material, and it'll fix the end of the book. I'll probably get all that done tomorrow, but I doubt I'll finish the whole book unless I get up earlier and work harder than I expect I'm going to. Maybe Sunday. Although boy, it'd be a lot better to get it done tomorrow. Maybe I just have to get up early and work hard. Damn.

...on other topics, Ted made steak & baked potatoes for dinner, and mmmm that was yummy. And today's kitsnaps photo is one I'm particularly proud of, so go admire it. :)
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