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26 April 2013 @ 12:47 pm
You hearten me. :)  

All you people who do follow my blog hearten me (and yes, following it on Livejournal counts. It’s the same content. :)).

I’d intended to go be a bit Arty last night and go see “The Last Quartet”, except then Ted said it was okay for me to go see Iron Man 3 without him, so, uhm, I did that instead. :)

It was pretty good. There was one moment that was perfect. (There were possibly more, but one stands out for me.) I shall say no more until it has at least opened in America. :)

(x-posted from The Essential Kit)

Deborah Blakedeborahblakehps on April 26th, 2013 12:29 pm (UTC)
We "heart" you too :-)

I am definitely seeing Ironman 3 when it comes out here next month. Debating seeing Oblivion, despite its bad reviews, because a friend wants to take me out to the movies this weekend for my birthday, and it is literally the only thing out there I have even the slightest desire to see...
kitmizkit on April 26th, 2013 02:26 pm (UTC)
It's not *bad*. It's just not *good*, and I was hoping it would be good.
Deborah Blakedeborahblakehps on April 26th, 2013 09:55 pm (UTC)
Frankly, that's what I thought about Ironman 2, so my expectations are fairly low for 3 :-)
Deborah Blakedeborahblakehps on April 26th, 2013 09:56 pm (UTC)
Or did you mean Oblivion?
kitmizkit on April 27th, 2013 05:58 am (UTC)
I meant Oblivion, although the more I think about it, it might be appropriate for IM3, too. :)
Trent the Uncatchableknappenp on April 26th, 2013 04:31 pm (UTC)
Wait, Iron Man 3 is already out for you? But ... but ...

Harrumph. I probably won't see it opening weekend anyway.
Trent the Uncatchableknappenp on April 26th, 2013 04:32 pm (UTC)
Also, Ted is still heroic for telling you that you could see it without him.
Alix (Tersa): Xmen - Cyclops (after-four-days)tersa on April 26th, 2013 05:19 pm (UTC)
*continued mutter-grumbles*


I'm hoping I get to see it next weekend when it opens here.
hegemony hedgehogagrimony on April 26th, 2013 05:22 pm (UTC)
I'm going to see Iron Man 3 after my dental appointment in Friday. I took the whole afternoon off to do it. :)