kit (mizkit) wrote,

another busy day

We had another busy day, which involved seeing an unexpectedly large number of friends. Importantly, I learned how to use the panorama feature on my new phone. :) I tell you what, though, it verges on bizarre to go out for a whole afternoon with other adults and not have to trade off parenting hours. For which we are *very* grateful to my mom in particular. And it was lovely to see people, particularly Ruth, to whom I had not expected to wish happy birthday in person. :)

Then Ted bopped off to see Olympus Has Fallen, which he vetted for me (not for me, he says, too violent) and which he said that with the events in Boston this week, was more distressing than he was sure they expected it to be. He was not, he said, up for watching (even fictional) cops get shot. :/

Me, I had vague plans to watch a movie myself this evening, except I’d picked up Carol Berg’s THE DAEMON PRISM earlier in the afternoon, and there was no putting it down. So I spent the evening reading, but am now going to *bed* instead of finishing it, because that would take another couple hours(ish), and that would be unwise. :)

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