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Kitsnaps: Frosty Cross

Frosty Cross
Frosty Cross
This particular picture is a lesson in why one should not delete all the files one is unimpressed with right away. I was totally not impressed with this picture immediately after taking it and checking it on my computer. A few years later I went back and found it again and wondered what the hell I’d been thinking, that I hadn’t been initially pleased. So I’ve learned not to necessarily trust my first judgement and to keep anything I think *might* turn out to have potential later. :)

This photo also features as the e-book cover for Chaz Brenchley’s DEAD OF LIGHT, sequel precursor (oops :)) to LIGHT ERRANT, which has another of my Celtic crosses as its cover. If he ever gets the chance to write the third book in that trilogy, I’ll have to go out and find the perfect cross for its cover… :)

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