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brain fry

I went through the entire SHAMAN RISES manuscript in one pass today. This may have been a mistake, since it’s nearly impossible to retain any degree of impartiality after about a hundred pages in one day. But I’ve done the first revision pass, and holy crap, that book hits the ground running and doesn’t let up. And either it hangs together a lot better than I thought it would or I’m far too close to it right now to see its glaring errors. After a few detail fixes and a spell check, it’s time to send it off to Madame Editor!

I’m actually really, really happy with it. I mean, it’ll be better after Matrice gets done with it, but…I think it does what I wanted it to, and there’s a scene in it I’ve been planning since the first book, and…yeah. Yeah. I’m happy with it. *holds breath* :)

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Tags: walker papers
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