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Kitsnaps: Church of Ireland, Killarney

Church of Ireland, Killarney
Church of Ireland, Killarney
Killarney looks like someone went around to American tourists, asked their opinions on what a charming Irish village should look like, then came back and purpose-built it to suit those imaginary visions. It’s absolutely beautiful and I genuinely recommend any tourists to Ireland go there, because it truly does look just as one imagines Ireland *would*.

It’s also the only place I’ve ever actually seen a Lamborghini.

I don’t know if I have a picture of the Lamborghini. It was 20 years ago, the first time I came to Ireland, holy crap, that *was* twenty years ago, as I turned 20 while here!) and we’d hired bikes to ride around on for a day and saw a really fancy Corve…that’s not a Corve…what is that…? and went to look and good heavens, a shiny red Lamborghini! But I don’t know if I was brave enough to take a picture of somebody else’s car back then. If I ever get the Great Photo Scanning Project really underway, I’ll find out.

This, however, is the Church of Ireland. Churches of Ireland are not nearly so rare as Lamborghinis, but they do make nice pictures on a beautiful sunny day. :)

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