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chugging along

There's a blackbird with a very orange beak and a great big fat worm in his beak sitting in the green green grass of the back yard. I've seen him here before; we must have a nice wormy back yard.

I got through writing out the line edits and got half of them typed into the manuscript, which isn't as far as I wanted to get but it's after 9 and I've been at the computer most of the day, so sod it. I've made a few moderate changes to the text besides that, nothing big so far. I started at the beginning for the line edits, so I haven't even tried dealing with the end yet, and ... well. Realistically that'll be Friday's job, so hopefully I'll figure out what to *do* with it before then. In as far as I've gotten, well, there are places where I want to beat my head on the wall. There are places where I'd like to beat someone else's head on the wall. There's at least one place where I thought I was being really clever and apparently everybody's missed the cleverness, so I'm going to have to figure out if I'm satisfied with what they think I'm doing or try to do it better so it's what I'm *trying* to do. (I can tell you already I'm not satisfied. Dammit.) I have just got...*nghghgh*

Sorry for all the bitching. This is me letting off steam. I'm full of hate and just want it to be DONE, and in a few days it will be and I'll...start bitching about something else, no doubt. :)

On a totally non-bitchy note, though, The Dresden Files has been picked up for 11 episodes before the backdoor pilot's even been aired. GO JIM! *beam* *beams and beams and beams*

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