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Man. I just do not want to deal with this book. I am anyway, because hey, that's my job, but jeez, the closer I get to the beginning of it, the less I want to read the notes and figure out how to fix details and gnrgh. (Typically this is how I would feel as I approached the end, but since I started at the end...) It's none of it insurmountable. It's just hateful. Hate hate hate. I don't usually *not want* to do revisions this badly, but then, this book has been reworked so massively so many times maybe it's not all that surprising. Right now I just want to get it done so I can do the PHOENIX revisions, the prospect of which seems like a breath of fresh air after HEART OF STONE.

*puffs cheeks out, stares at ms* Ok. The goal for the day will be to get through the manuscript and then going in to do the easy fixes on the file: line edits, minor detail work that'll be mostly a matter of responding to margin-questions, that kind of thing. I should be able to get most of those done today, at least the ones that don't start requiring a fair amount of new material. I'll think about the plan for new material tomorrow, but I suspect it'll be along the lines of mythology tomorrow, new end for the book on Thurs/Friday (tomorrow and Thursday are half days of work, 'cause I've got a hair appointment tomorrow afternoon and X3 Thursday), and then sensuality revisions Saturday. Something like that.

We hates it, precious, we hates it.
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