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tiny bubbles

I got two thirds of the way through the ms and my brain couldn't take it anymore, so I took a nap on Ted. Now it's late and I'm all awake, so I guess I'm going to do a tiny bubbles posting, 'cause I've been collecting links and stuff for one for a couple weeks now. Now to see if I can find them all...

From Deirdre, Enchanted Doll. This is generally NWS. And from Marith, Sous la Mer, which is NWS at *all*, but holy wow, beautiful work. I cannot help wondering if everybody's breasts look that perfect underwater. (Very possibly, since fat floats.) :)

In browsing DeviantArt galleries, I've come across heise, who only seems to do portraits, not sequentials, which is a shame because her anime realism style is extremely pretty and it'd be neat to see a story told that way. :) And this guy's portraits just blew me away. Wow. Even if I don't like Cristina Aguilera that much, his Marilyn portraits (and his X3 portraits) are incredible. :)

Being an Alaskan, I thought this was especially giggle-worthy. :)

And under "sheerly adorable", Tammy sent me a story about an orphaned baby hippo adopted by a 100 year old tortoise.

I think there's more stuff somewhere, but I'm too sleepy to look for it now. G'night, then. :)
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