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Anti-Capitalism: The Musical!

A couple weeks ago I posted about the musical my sister is developing. I filmed the performance they did, and she’s got the video up now:

She’s now trying to get Arts Council funding for further development, and needs a whole lot of local support in the form of:

- a director
- a production manager
- a stage manager
- a producer
- a costume designer
- a set designer
- a dramaturg
- an Arts Council-funded venue willing to support her

Now, here’s some of the tricky stuff: in order to qualify for Arts Council support, for all of these positions she needs people who have been working in those capacities in a documented fashion within the past two years. The more experience, the better, of course. The positions don’t all need to be filled, but the more that *are*, the stronger the application.

I’m throwing out the hat here. If you’re in Ireland and any of these are on your CV, or if you know people who might fit the bill, could you please contact Deirdre to discuss her production? My video might be purely amateur, but her music and production are amazing, and I really think if she can get people to fill these positions she has a shot at creating something really, really fantastic.

Please spread the word! Time is short, and any assistance would be *hugely* appreciated!

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Tags: family, sustainable funding models
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