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We took the early train into Cork yesterday, rather than the cutting-it-close train, and it turned out it was a damned good thing, because it was standing room only all the way from Cork to Dublin, for those poor bastards who got on closer to the time it left, or at later stations. *Enormous* numbers of people were obviously going to the concert, and everybody seemed to be in quite high fine moods, and I was so tired I kept dozing off, which is really unusual for me on a moving vehicle.

Dozing meant I didn't read FURIES OF CALDERON, which I am now sad about, because I read it on the way back home today and it was really good. So now I wish I'd read it yesterday so that I coulda read ACADEM'S FURY today. :) (I may yet. Or I may watch Pride & Prejudice. Ah, the trials of being me.) Anyway, I haven't read any of Jim's books since, uh, SUMMER KNIGHT, and I didn't even read the published version of that (you don't have to mention this lack on my part to Jim, ok?), so it's been about five years since I've read something of his.

I was really impressed with FURIES. There were several moments of distraction because I knew what he was thinking when he wrote the books, and I would think, "Yeah, that really is drawn from that source," but they were entertaining personal distractions rather than being bothersome. I liked *all* the characters, which was an improvement over when I read the first ... chapter or two, years and years ago when he wrote it. I'd liked a couple of the secondary characters specifically then; the rewrites the book saw after that brought those characters out and did good things with the ones I hadn't been as fond of. I remember specifically telling him that the two main characters in the chapters I'd read hadn't done a lot for me, but the minor ones were enough to keep me reading; in the finished novel, *all* of the characters had stories and characterizations good enough to keep me reading, so go Jim. :)

I'm completely exhausted. The concert was a blast (I'm working on a writeup for it; I'd hit 1000 words and hadn't gotten past the opening number, so I thought maybe I'd do a little other writeup about the weekend before posting that :)) and we saw Deirdre and Gavin and the little boys briefly, and I am, for the first time in days or weeks, not utterly miserable over the idea of starting revisions on the morrow. I'm not especially looking *forward* to it, but I'm not unpleasantly fussed over it.

Of course, that could be because I'm too damned tired to be fussed about anything. :) Or maybe it's just that down time is Good. :)

I think I'll read ACADEM'S FURY tonight, and watch P&P tomorrow after I've cooked my brain on revisions and wanna do something not-word-related. Yus. This is a Plan. :)

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