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25 February 2013 @ 02:28 pm
The 140 Character Cookbook  

The other day over on Twitter, Ilona Andrews said she’d bought churizo because she’d seen a recipe she wanted to try that called for it, but now she couldn’t find the recipe so what was she supposed to do with the churizo?

I said, “Sautee it in a pan. Throw in chick peas & sautee in chorizo oil until soft. Mix sour cream over it. Eat with pita. Die happy,” which she did. Without actually dying, I should note. But OMG. It’s a recipe Ted invented a few weeks ago, and I tell you, strong men would weep. (Ilona’s response to it was: “I made it. Holy crap.” I thought that was just what we were after. :))

Anyway, so I said to Ted I’d given her the recipe and that I personally had to approve of any recipe that could be related and recommended in 140 characters.

He stared at me and said, “That’s a cookbook.”


(Go on, give me your favorite 140 character recipes. I’ll save them. Just in case. :))

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katedonovankatedonovan on February 28th, 2013 01:02 am (UTC)
How to boil water
There was an article in our local newspaper saying people are lamenting that they don't know how to cook, and they're looking for cooking classes. But I don't think they need classes, they just need to understand how trial and error works. So maybe you should add a 140-character how-to-cook chapter? Here's mine for "how to make TWO perfect, unbroken fried eggs over easy:Start with THREE eggs... (because if only someone had told me! To this day, I feel bad when I break a yolk, but seriously, it's all about the percentages, even after years of practice) And I think it's this way for all beginner projects. We scoff the basics, but the truth is, once you've mastered them, the rest is downhill, if only because you learn to give yourself some slack (and dispose of the charred evidence).
kitmizkit on February 28th, 2013 08:01 am (UTC)
Re: How to boil water
That's a totally cool idea!

It's astonishing, actually, how many 'basic' cookbooks aren't basic enough for people who truly don't know how to cook. I have a 1930s cookbook that actually teaches you how to boil water. And to make a PB&J. And to make possum stew from roadkill...