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Recent Reads: Castle of Wizardry

Not, as it turns out, my favorite of the series, despite Ce’Nedra’s taking the helm in many ways. I remembered it more fondly. And there’s nothing particularly wrong with it, except it largely feels like a filler book: this is where Garion gets crowned and Ce’Nedra raises an army, and that’s sort of all that happens in this ‘un. It’s entertaining enough, with laugh out loud moments like all of them have, but not the strongest of the series. Looking forward to finishing ‘em up, though, because I /have/ been enjoying this re-read a great deal.

Then I’ll have to decide on something to re-read next, because I’m writing a book, and it’s too difficult to read new books while writing one. Rereads mean not wondering what happens next, so while I can enjoy them, I don’t get as commited. Mostly. :)

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