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Kitsnaps: Bantry Bay Rainbow

Bantry Bay Rainbow
Bantry Bay Rainbow
Bantry is, in road miles, not all that far from Cork city. Eighty miles, or something.

They are, however, eighty miles on bitty wee twisty tiny roads intended for horses and paved over when cars became prevailant, so it’s a much longer drive than one might necessarily expect. It ought to be taken on a bicycle, which would not feel like it was going to fall off the side of the road at any given moment.

On the other hand, it did afford views like these. And actually, the southwest of Ireland is the only place I’ve been to here that didn’t feel groomed within an inch of its life. Ireland is beautiful, but it’s all fields and farms and smooth rolling hills. The forests were cut down long ago, and it feels very…tame, to me. The craggy low mountains of Cork don’t, and I appreciated that enormously.

Not enough to live out there unless I could take a helicopter in and out, mind you, but enormously. :)

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